Our Philosophy

St. Joseph Catholic School is a community of faith gathered in Christ's name. As a believing community, we strengthen one another's faith in Christ through worship and daily efforts to teach and to model the Gospel message. Teachers and support staff seek to work in collaboration with parents, recognizing that parents are the primary educators of their children. Through a curriculum based on academic excellence, that takes into consideration mental, emotional, physical, social, and moral development, students are encouraged to acquire the knowledge, skills, and values to become self-disciplined, responsible, and service-centered Christians.


In light of our mission statement and philosophy, and in an effort to provide quality education, St. Joseph School endeavors to: 

  • emphasize Christian commitment which fosters the spiritual growth of students
  • meet the individual needs of students
  • prepare students for their role in the future
  • enhance students' self-esteem
  • develop leadership skills
  • stress critical thinking skills in the light of moral reasoning
  • develop self-discipline
  • develop a responsibility for peace and justice
  • enhance students' ability to function in a technological world
  • challenge students to continue to develop to their potential

In addition, St. Joseph School strives to support, strengthen, and encourage parents in their role as the primary educator.

St. Joseph Catholic School Student Responsibilities

Students have the responsibility to attend school regularly.
Students have the responsibility to treat others with respect.
Students have the responsibility to treat school property and the property of others with respect.
Students have the responsibility to respect the privacy of others.
Students have the responsibility to listen courteously to the opinions and points of views of others.
Students have the responsibility to come prepared to learn with all the necessary materials.
Follow the four R's - respect, responsibility, reverence, and right choices.